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File manager alert 6/3/2010

Google News Alert for: file system

Nexenta Adds Dedupe To Open-Source ZFS Storage
NexentaStor is software used by open-source system builders to build storage appliances based on the open source ZFS file system, Powell said. ...
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SYS-CON Media (press release)
Dealing with the Cloud's Latent Tendencies
SYS-CON Media (press release)
He has been granted patents for RAID and distributed file system technology. He began his career as an engineer at Raytheon Missile Systems, and holds a BS ...
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Wired News
Key to Apple iPad? Uh-Oh, It's Magic
Wired News
No multitasking (try to do homework switching between the browser and writer), no file system (try to save your homework in a hierarchical fashion), ...
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Patent Baristas (blog)
The Patent Reform Act of 2010: A Substitute S. 515
Patent Baristas (blog)
S. 515 now includes: Adoption of a first-inventor-to-file system by the United States will promote the growth of American jobs. By eliminating the arcane ...
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Password Application Gives Wrong Info to Fraudsters
PC World
... for manufacturers to preinstall MobileSitter MobileSitter is compatible with Java-enabled phones that allow access to a mobile phone's file system. ...
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Inventors Digest
Patent reform bill close to passing?
Inventors Digest
Changing to first-to-file is statistically irrelevant. The USPTO argues that we essentially have a first-to-file system already. ...
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Apple bans iPhone app that measures cell phone radiation
The main thing is that jailbreaking is not meant for installing cracked applications, but it is meant to unlock the protected filesystem and modify the ...
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Byron's tax-filing bill revived in General Assembly
Lynchburg News and Advance
Byron said Virginians gain an advantage under the Free File system she proposed, because state tax preparers who might answer tax filers' questions don't ...
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Google Blogs Alert for: file system

Linux RAM Disk: Creating A Filesystem In RAM
By Vivek Gite
I believe this is completely useless – as the RAM disk will only steal memory which would otherwise be used as file system cache, which will be quiet as efficient as serving the files directly from RAM! 5 tiptop 03.05.10 at 1:47 pm ...
nixCraft Linux Sys Admin Blog - http://www.cyberciti.biz/
possible to rewrite filesystem creation? - openSUSE Forums
By ashkent
I am creating a raid10 for our studio. I just realized after creating the filesystem that I would like modify one of the parameters - the blocksize.
openSUSE Forums - http://forums.opensuse.org/
Identify Performance Bottlenecks in your BizTalk Environment ...
By Andreas Grabner
The problem that I have here is that my FILE Receiving Adapter shows a high number of lock failures which indicates a problem with my file system. I also question the performance counters as they do not reflect the number of messages I ...
Performance, Scalability and... - http://blog.dynatrace.com/
jimmy.thinking: PyCon 2010: Python in the browser
By jschementi@gmail.com (Jimmy Schementi)
For anyone familiar with the older XAP-file/Chiron-based way to build Silverlight apps with IronPython: this combined script-tag/zip-file file-system abstraction is what allows you to never need to put file in the main application's XAP ...
jimmy.thinking - http://blog.jimmy.schementi.com/
Neowin.net - North Korea develops its own Linux OS
By Brad Sams
There's something so ironic about seeing English words like "system" and "usr" in a North Korean file system. And the fact you can't avoid Adobe and Microsoft, no matter how autocratic / despotic your government is. ...
Neowin.net - http://www.neowin.net/

Google Web Alert for: file system

Saving captured video to filesystem
Mar 4, 2010 ... I've the IGraphBuilder and ICaptureGraphBuilder objects and I need to save the video to the file system. Theoretically, I know that I should connect Video ...

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