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File manager alert 5/11/2009

Google News Alert for: file system

Next-Generation Linux File Systems
OS News
It supports the largest variety of file systems of any operating system. It also provides cutting-edge file system technology. Two new file systems that are ...
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Maintaining Integrity and Security in a Data Migration
E-Commerce Times
The same can hold true if data is copied from a Unix server to a Windows server, or the access mechanism is changed from an NFS (Network File System) to a ...
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Comodo System-Cleaner Now Includes File, Registry Monitor
HostReview.com (press release)
Comodo System-Cleaner's new file and registry monitor tracks the use of files in the registry, noting when a file was last used and whether it has been ...
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Symantec brings Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 to market
This capability allows back up of an entire file server, desktop, laptop, virtual server or critical application server, such as Microsoft Exchange or ...
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Doctors take varying approaches to file-keeping
Basehor Sentinel
Tonganoxie resident Barbara Hardisty described the office system as efficient. “Since I've been doing it for 30 years, it is what I am accustomed to and it ...
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HP strikes back with Converged Infrastructure Architecture
Infostor magazine
Johns says the HP X9000 system is capable of scaling to 16PB of capacity in a single namespace or virtual file system capacity for a cost in the range of ...
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Today's Webtip: Triple Boot
(though it is possible to at least get read-only access, but damn you're fucked if just one of the filesystem somehow gets corrupted/damaged for improper ...
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More Hoosiers File Tax Returns Online
Inside INdiana Business (press release)
The IRS says 74 percent of tax filers in the state have utilized the e-file system, instead of paper. Throughout the country, 95 million returns were ...
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HP converges on the datacentre
It includes the first iteration of a new scalable file system, iBrix, which was announced earlier this year. Designed for clustered environments, ...
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Goodbye portability - hello tin
Thirty years ago, if you wanted to license software you bought proprietary software running on a proprietary database or file system that ran on a ...
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Google Blogs Alert for: file system

Hosting Directory #1 - Directory File System Replication Might ...
By admin
Sometimes when you use Distributed File System (DFS) replication service on your Microsoft Windows 2003 Server based computer, you might come across several consequences. These situations might cause data loss in many situations. ...
Hosting Directory #1 - http://hosting-n1.com/
Windows PowerShell Blog : Why is Get-ChildItem so Slow?
By PowerShellTeam
For example, PowerShell wildcards do not match the 8.3 short file name, while the native filesystem filtering (exposed by cmd.exe wildcards) do. PowerShell's wildcards support character ranges, while the native file system filtering ...
Windows PowerShell Blog - http://blogs.msdn.com/powershell/default.aspx
No, ZFS really doesn't need a fsck - c0t0d0s0.org
By nospam@example.com (Joerg Moellenkamp)
ZFS doesn't need a fsck tool that checks the entire filesystem... well it has one (IMO) "zpool scrub" However, it should have a way to help repair a pool that is damaged or for some reason won't mount, enough to make it attachable, ...
c0t0d0s0.org - http://www.c0t0d0s0.org/
error with stream - C#
By Lolalola
FileName; MessageBox.Show(textBox2.Text); FileStream file = new FileStream(textBox2.Text, FileMode.OpenOrCreate, FileAccess.Write); StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(file); sw.Write("Hello file system world!"); sw.Close(); file. ...
DaniWeb IT Discussion Community - http://www.daniweb.com/forums/member593496.html
Terabyte virtual disks « Richard WM Jones
By rich
guestfish Welcome to guestfish, the libguestfs filesystem interactive shell for editing virtual machine filesystems. Type: 'help' for help with commands 'quit' to quit the shell ><fs> sparse /tmp/test.img 1T ><fs> run ...
Richard WM Jones - http://rwmj.wordpress.com/

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