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File manager alert 5/1/2010

Google News Alert for: file system

County prosecutor begins move to paperless system
Springfield Business Journal
The office began the phased implementation of an electronic file system Jan. 1, Greene County Prosecuting Attorney Darrell Moore wrote in the Springfield ...
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How to control the storage impact of virtual servers
Infostor magazine
The NAS device presents a ready-to-use file system to a virtual server, eliminating the need for server-based file systems such as VMFS. ...
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Review of GlusterFS - Distributed File System
Gaea Times (blog)
By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network GlusterFS is an open source parallel distributed/network system. The software integrates file system, an operating system ...
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10 start-ups to watch in 2010
San Francisco Chronicle
One such player is Zetta, which has built a cloud storage service backed by a file system with snapshots, replication and other enterprise-class features. ...
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Where Does Core Data on the Apple iPhone Come From?
CTO Edge (blog)
Core Data is a framework and set of tools that allow you to persist your application's data to the iPhone's file system automatically. ...
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the iPhone Blog (blog)
iPhone 4.0 Want List: MobileFinder App
the iPhone Blog (blog)
Now we're sure most of our readers want a full blown Mac OS X Finder or Windows Explorer type file browser — and full, free file system access to go along ...
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Unwired View
The first Google Nexus One review shows up
Unwired View
Motorola Droid (graphics, CPU, Memory and Filesystem): A downside of the Nexus One would be the fact that the Android Market still hasn't got great games ...
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Microsoft's Latest Plan to Win SMBs: Windows 7 Pro
Some examples of Win7 Pro features: location-aware printing to connect to printers anywhere; remote desktop connectivity; encrypted file system; ...
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Google Blogs Alert for: file system

WTF is a file system? « Julian about *
By Julian
Revision Management Layer: This will be a virtual file system or something like that, which can track file changes and version saved files. Thanks to davidnielsen for pointing me to Wizbit, which is working on something like that. ...
Julian about * - http://julianaloofi.wordpress.com/
File system to rw -automate fstab change - Linux Forums
By north-star
Creating a BASH script I can look at and copy files to the USB (I checked whoami = root) but I cannot copy any file from the USB back to the file system. When I try I get a “File System is Read Only” message. ...
Linux Forums - http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/redhat-fedora-linux-help/136884-repository-problem-3.html
Boot fail, when is Ext4 partition mounting - openSUSE 11.2 ...
By djs_core
switched to ext4. > (I do not know why it prints an error on Ext2 filesystem when the disk > is formatted Ext4...) The underlying file system for ext2, ext3, and ext4 are so similar that the fixing is all handled by the ext2 program. ...
openSUSE Forums - http://forums.opensuse.org/
Architecture of Internet Datacenters - Green Data Center Blog
By Dave Ohara
[Matei] S. Ghemawat, H. Gobioff, S.-T. Leung, “The Google File System,” Proc. SOSP'03, 2003. [pdf] [Notes]. [Kuang] J. Dean, S. Ghemawat, “Mapreduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters,” Proc. OSDI'04, pages 137 – 150, ...
Green Data Center Blog - http://www.greenm3.com/
Renaming The Home Directory Cause Data Loss In Mac Os X
In other words, home directory is an area of Mac OS X file system that is accessible for a particular user. You can keep all your confidential data in this directory as others users do not have read/write permissions for it. ...
ArticleSnatch.com Latest Articles - http://www.articlesnatch.com/

Google Web Alert for: file system

transfering filesystem to iis 5 : The Official Microsoft IIS Site
currently i am using visual studio 2008 asp.net server to view my web on browser ....and its implemented on file system mode. ...
Testing file system semantic parity
Aspects of the subject matter described herein relate to testing filters for semantic parity. In aspects, a parity filter receives a request directed to a ...

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